Tuesday, February 22, 2011



♪♫ Somebody saaaave me, Let your warm hands break right through♫♪


I have watched this show from day one (a whole damn decade!) and it's in the final season *tear* Hope y'all are watching it!

One of my favorite lines from a recent episode comes from Miss Chloe Sullivan:

*Lois walks in while Chloe & Clark are having a conversation*

*Then Chloe says to Lois*

"We were just updating are non-existing Facebook accounts"

LOL! Thought that was hilarious.....Anywhooo.... :)

Make sure y'all watch the last season of Smallville *another tear*

It's getting pretty good....Episode 'Beacon' was kind of Epic!

Let's be honest he's *eye candy* lol...


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