Friday, October 22, 2010


The Moon is in Aries Today....

I love Astrology. I'm not talking about those "daily horoscopes" that say for example, "You will meet your true love today, oh and you may find 20 dollars on the ground"

Side eye to those corny horoscopes, lol...

NO! That's fake. You can not "predict" or give a horoscope that is suppose to pertain to millions of people.  I am talking about REAL astrology. The first thing you need to know to understand REAL astrology is your SUN sign.

Your SUN sign: The Sun Sign is what people are usually familiar with. It basically is the position of the sun the time you were born. (Psst, I'm A Capricorn...Aquarius Cusp) :)<----Will talk about Cusp later...

Capricorn Lady (Source: ingridmolinos... )

Now that  you know your SUN sign, next set of information you need for your accurate astrology reading is time of birth and location.

OKAY! now it's time to put all that information together: Birth date/time/location
It's very important that you have ALL three to get the most accurate NATAL/BIRTH CHART(tells you what signs the planets were positioned in when you were born).

The best place to get your Natal/Birth chart FOR FREE is:

  • Click Free Calculations and Reports
  • Click on Free Astrology Reports
  • Then Click Birth Chart
  • Next it will ask for your NAME(don't have to put it, optional), your GENDER, and BIRTH DATE/TIME/LOCATION 
  • It also has a box you can check if you don't know exact Time birth

A page will pop up with everything you need to know:

  • Sun Sign
  • Rising Sign
  • Moon
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Lilith
  • Mercury
  • Saturn
I personally like Cafe Astrology's Birth/Natal Chart because it gives you description's of everything, so that you will understand better. (WARNING: It's a lot to READ, but it's SO worth it)

Annnnd TA-DA!!! There is your introduction to ASTROLOGY. I haven't really got into everything...this is just the basics. More info to come......

Will you be looking up your Natal Chart???

I say GO FOR IT!!! It's very might discover something about yourself you didn't know!

P.S: Don't be shy, tell me...what is your sign??? :)

ANOTHER GREAT WEBSITE: Dr.Standley- Her horoscopes are one of a kind and you will not find them on any other website.  Here's the link:


  1. lmao @ the Golden Girls gif'

    The things it says about me for my sun sign is fairly accurate, but when I looked up my natal chart I was blown away.

  2. Yeah, That's one of the best "side eyes" I've seen! lol

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