Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Should Be Casted in 'The Last Dragon' Remake?

♫ You are the Last Dragon, You possess the power of the glow ♫

If you haven't heard, word on the street is that there is a remake of 'The Last Dragon' in the works. Berry Gordy's son Kerry Gordy and RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan fame) are set to produce.

Who would you cast in 'The Last Dragon' Remake?


Who will play Leroy Green a.k.a Bruce Leroy?


  1. It is taking so long for this remake to come out, I am starting to think it will never happen. That might be a good thing- some classics should be left alone. I love your choice for Richie- Bobb'e J. Thompson (Marcus PSP "Step your game up" Kid) would be perfect!
    Samuel L Jackson has signed on to play Sho'nuff if the movie ever happens. He would be great but even his level of bad ass is not as bad ass as the original "baddest mofo low down around this town" played by Julius Carry. Taimak should play Leroy again! He's in his 40's not but still looks 20 something. Pooch Hall from the Game would be another good choice. Laura Charles could be played by Paula Patton, Kerry Hilson or Rihanna and Jason Alexander from Seinfeld or Danny Devito would make a great Eddie Arcadian.

  2. Yeah, I already knew about Samuel Jackson playing Sho'nuff...and your right it has taken a while for it to come out! I just hope if it does come out that it's not corny!

    Taimak looks really good for his age, I heard that he will be in the movie...but I don't know if he will play Bruce Leroy (It would make sense if he did tho')

    I could see Paula Patton playing Laura Charles, she's pretty! Very likable actress too...

    And I agree with 100% that Danny Devito would be a perfect Eddie Arcadian(I was just watching Matilda the other day! lol)

    Thanks for input! :)

  3. Yeah, it depends on how they remake it.

    Storyline might not include ALL those characters.

    I like your suggestions though.


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  4. I have to disagree about Wesley Jonathan I prefer him to be Leroy in stead of ShoNuff

  5. ^I think he could definitely play both!


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